18 rescued Golden Retrievers from Turkey need ‘forever homes’

Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (GRRR) once again, for the 3rd time, rescued Golden Retrievers.

18 rescued Golden Retrievers from Turkey need ‘forever homes’

18 Golden Retrievers were flown to Denver last week from Turkey, as part of a rescue operation of the GRRR team headed by their Executive Director, Kevin Shipley.

The Golden Retriever dogs, with different age range, were staying on the side of a freezing mountainside near Istanbul, Turkey. As stated by Shipley, there is an oversupply of Golden Retrievers in Turkey and many people in that nation consider the breed as something lesser or inferior in some way; compelling many dogs to just live on the streets or in the backwoods.

Members of the organization supported the rescue operation by raising thousands of cash to fly the Golden Retrievers to Colorado. Once the rescued Goldens have spent some time at GRRR’s facility in Arvada, they’ll be ready for adoption.

If you like to adopt one of them, you can apply on GRRR’s website. Simply click here.

Article and Image source: FOX31 Denver

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