7 Things You Must Do Before Buying A Golden Retriever Puppy

Sportive nature and friendly disposition make the Golden Retriever a prized companion for households looking for a pet. However, while buying a Golden Retriever puppy, you must look beyond its usual playfulness and pleasant personality. Make sure you are fully prepared to live with the dog for the next 10 to 12 years. Simultaneously, check for the breed quality, genetic problems, and health issues before bringing a puppy home.

If you are buying a Golden Retriever puppy, consider these tips.

Are You Ready for A Golden Retriever Pet?

Make yourself aware of the personality and temperament of the breed. You must be ready to care for the dog and coexist with it. So, it is essential to consider their suitability for lifestyle and expectations before buying a Golden Retriever puppy.

No doubt, the dog has the sweetest nature and it is highly adaptable. But these dogs demand greater interaction with their family. Do you have enough time to commit to their care and daily exercise? Do your children like the breed as much as you? Evaluate all factors in order to prepare yourself for a Golden pet.

Do You Really Need A Puppy?

Buying a Golden Retriever puppy requires preparation on your part for its care, nourishment, and training. You have to commit time, patience, and energy to socialize the puppy and train it for basic behaviors. A puppy may also be a nuisance at home, with their tendency to chew or destroy household stuff. You too have pet proof your house.  Visits to the vet for vaccination also require you to commit time and money. Are you ready for all this?

Buying A Golden Retriever Puppy of Specific Gender

Depending on your choice you may go for a male or female puppy. But, are you aware of the distinctive traits of each gender? You must find out how both differ from each other in their personality and temperament. You should examine their suitability for your family before buying a Golden Retriever puppy.

Male Golden Retrievers are larger with a penchant for assertive behavior. They are more sportive and often tend to turn aggressive when punished harshly. Males generally have an urge to show their territorial dominance with urination.

On the other hand, females are sweeter, smaller, and less aggressive. With it, you have breeding rights and can become a breeder. However, female dogs make a lot of ruckus during the mating season due to an increased sexual urge. You may have to deal with their pregnancies.

Color Choice While Buying A Golden Retriever Puppy

The quintessential family dog, Golden, is available in different colors. While blond, dark golden, light golden, and golden are the most visible hues, it is also seen in cream colors. Although the dog is intelligent, smart, affectionate, and obedient irrespective of coat shade, you have a specific color liking.

However, there is no guarantee that a Golden Retriever puppy you have bought will have the same coat color when he matures. To know its adult color, inspect the fur on the ears of a puppy. Whatever the color of its ears, it will be similar to its mature shade.

Buy From the Right Breeder

It is always advisable to buy from a breeder instead of pet stores. You find it easy to buy from a pet store. However, Golden Retrievers found there may not be of pure breed. Many store owners have a tendency for impulsive breeding with the sole intention to earn money. This puts puppies at the risk of genetic disorders. Your dog may also have future socialization, behavioral, or health issues due to poor conditions at the store.

Find out a breeder who breeds Golden Retrievers responsibly. Seek suggestions from dog owners in your neighborhood regarding this. Such breeders also participate in dog shows and competitions. Check websites of the American Kennel Club and the Golden Retriever Club of America and other online resources to identify a good breeder.

Visit the facility of a breeder and meet his dogs and their puppies. Inquire him about dog care and instructions for feeding and training to test his knowledge. Seek testing reports and certification confirming that his dogs are free from genetic disorders and other breed-specific disorders.

Selecting A Golden Retriever Puppy

A good breeder rarely agrees to sell a puppy less than 7-week old. You should be comfortable with his assurance that your chosen puppy is in good hands. However, before buying a Golden Retriever puppy, you must follow certain selection formalities.

First, seek details about the qualities of dogs the breeder has. Meet the puppies individually as well as in groups. Pay close attention to their behavior, response to objects, and social skills to find out the smartest one. Avoid the alpha ones, as they may be overly aggressive in the future and demand more commitment from owners. Similarly, never select a shy puppy, as it may cause problems in living alone. Go for a well-behaved and healthy Golden Retriever puppy.

Ask For Health Records

Don’t buy a puppy without viewing health records of its parents. There are a few yet serious hereditary disorders in this breed of dogs that could impact the joy of owning a Golden.

Avoid puppies born to parents with a history of cancer, joint problems, and hip dysplasia. Though heart problem is not a genetic disease, it may impact these dogs early. Do a chest x-ray of your puppy to see if he has any heart defects.

Before buying a Golden Retriever puppy, check every possible sign of ill health. Those with glossy coats, good level of energy, and clear eyes are considered healthy and hearty. Therefore, check their eyelid, eyelashes, and ears. Floppier ears are more likely to have infections.

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