Happy Day: Abandoned Golden Retriever Rescued

Authorities were prompted about an abandoned golden retriever alone for over a month in his owner’s apartment in Oregon. According to the Daily Mail, the four-month old puppy was found all by himself in the apartment of his owner who has gone home to China. The puppy was underweight and lethargic and could hardly stand up. Authorities were not sure whether the dog had been eating. They found a bag of dog food in an area in the apartment that the dog may not have access too. He had a food dish without water or food in it.

Golden retriever rescued

Photo courtesy of the Eugene Police Department via The Daily Mail

As soon as the puppy was rescued, he was taken to the Emergency Veterinary Hospital and received round-the-clock care for two days. As soon as he was stable, he was taken to First Avenue Shelter and put up for foster care. He was given the name Jake. Soon, Jake found a foster parent and was adopted.

The authorities are still trying to reach out to Jake’s owner, but their attempts have been unsuccessful. His owner, who is thought to be a student at the University of Oregon, has not returned to the university for the new semester. He has remained a suspect in the case.

Meanwhile, although his month-long abandonment stunted his growth, the now six-month-old golden retriever is living a healthy life with people who truly love and care for him.

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