Finding Best Dog Food for Golden Retrievers

Looking for best dog food for Golden Retrievers? Convincing a picky eater to eat without fuss is a challenge. If you have fussy eaters at home, you have your task cut out when you find out the same behavior in your furry companion. You feed him tasty and nutritious food, but he is uninterested, perhaps waiting for more exciting food than what is already in his bowl. It would be wrong to give in to his wish and open cans of treats to coax your pooch into eating his meal. Then what to do in such a situation? Well, there’s a way out.

What Makes Him a Picky Eater: Food for Golden Retriever

  • It can be due to personal preference for specific foods, just like humans. Some dogs will prefer wet food to dry or like certain brands compared to others. Some others like only meaty flavors. They might seem uninterested in food if they don’t get their favorite kibble.
  • Sometimes the reason could be a medical issue. Make sure your pooch is healthy. If he seems to have lost weight suddenly or vomits often or even has diarrhea, it is a cause for concern. It’s time to take him to the vet and rule out any medical condition.
  • More often than not, picky eating behavior is the result of human intervention. When it comes to finding the reason for your canine companion’s fussy behavior, the first thing that comes to mind is table scraps. It’s usually the result of their human friends feeding them table scrap. If your pooch has also got a taste of the table scrap, then his daily kibble will seem less appealing and appetizing. He will try to avoid his food bowl in hope of getting a tasty treat from your table.

The more human food a dog gets to eat, the less satisfied he is with his kibble. By feeding your meals, you are not only spoiling their behavior, but also exposing them to health issues because not all human food is safe for the consumption of dogs and cats. The best approach here is to immediately stop your incorrect behavior and limit the number of dog treats. Feeding him table scraps do not provide a dog with any nutritional benefits; rather, it makes him obese.

Best Dog Food for Golden Retrievers: How To Deal With the Behavior?

Most dogs will eat anything without fuss. But some others don’t show that much enthusiasm for food and turns his nose up, preferring to walk away rather than taste what’s in their bowl. As a pet lover, it is natural to feel concerned about it. But there are ways to deal with such fussy behavior and feed the best dog food to your picky eater.

  • Make it clear to him that there is no second choice.
  • Put the food before him and wait for 30 minutes. If the bowl is untouched, take it away.
  • Set out the bowl again in front of him for the next meal and follow the same step if it is not eaten after half an hour. This sends strong signals to your furry buddy that they have no other choice but to eat what is being served. Worry not! He is not starving. He will eat when he is hungry.

This strategy may seem tough to a dog lover. But eventually, it is for your darling furry companion that you have to be strict with such fussy behavior. Your approach may help eliminate the finicky eating behavior.

What is the Best Dog Food for Golden Retrievers?

Given their special physique, large buildup, and heavyweight, Golden Retrievers need a special kind of diet. The best food for Golden Retrievers is one that is nutritionally balanced and comforting and can give him a health boost.

If your Retriever doesn’t eat dry dog food, you may want to try out a few tricks to entice him. When you are looking for the best dog food for Golden Retrievers, it’s a good idea to try another brand or flavor that looks and tastes better.

  • The best dog food to try for picky eaters is formula made with quality ingredients. This includes responsibly sourced, nutritionally balanced food, which is nutritious, appetizing, and delicious.
  • Moist food appeals more to the canine palate. When it comes to choosing the best dog food for Golden Retrievers, look out for wet, canned, dried formula while avoiding too dry food. While moist dog food will feel more like real meat, dry food is just like cardboard!
  • Meat always looks appealing to dogs, so when you are looking for the best dog food for your picky Retriever, choose a meaty formula, including anything from beef to chicken, and turkey.
  • The best dog food for Golden Retrievers is free from corn and other grains, as they may cause digestive problems and serious allergies in dogs.

Tips To Feed a Fussy Golden Retriever

Try to add little amount of flavor to his dry kibble. Mixing in a little amount of canned food may provide a flavor boost. Or try warming canned food slightly and mix a spoonful with dry food to enhance the flavor or aroma.

When you plan to change his food, it will be a mistake to do it drastically. Start small – slowly alternating wet and dry food or decreasing the quantity of one food and increasing the amount of other.

Start with changing the main ingredients of their dog food.

Additionally, take him for a good walk every day to improve his appetite. When he is really hungry, your fussy Retriever will not reject the food in his bowl.

Allow him to enjoy his food in isolation. Giving him too much attention at mealtime can be distracting for him.

Last but not the least, do not forget to praise your furry friend when he eats his kibble.

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