Brotherly Love or Not!

A golden retriever named Chayen loves to run a bath with his hosepipe. One day, his owner Kra Phera from Thailand recorded him while running a bath with a hosepipe in mouth, however, his ponderous brother named Basil suddenly came into the spotlight.

Brotherly Love or Not! - hosepipe

While Chayen was sitting up straight and is cautiously holding the hosepipe in his mouth to fill the basin with bath water, Basil unexpectedly came into the bath area and went straight into the basin and plunges himself without ado.

Brotherly Love or Not! - hosepipe

The water sprees out of the sides and noticeably, Chayen looks distraught as the hosepipe is dragged out from his mouth and he just walked out of the bath area. As for Basil, he looked very comfortable despite the fact that he had taken out all of the bath water that Chayen patiently filled.

Watch this funny video below and you can consequently think of a person whom you can relate to their situation and laugh yourself out.

Image and Video source: wrlx/Youtube

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