Symptoms, Causes and Treatments for Golden Retriever Separation Anxiety

Golden retriever separation anxiety is observed when your dog becomes terrified to be disconnected from you. Separation anxiety is typically common in golden retrievers because of their happy and loving nature. Goldens tend to get attached to their owner as soon as they are being adopted. This article will help you define your golden retriever’s separation anxiety.

Symptoms, Causes and Treatments for Golden Retriever Separation Anxiety

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An apprehensive golden retriever will howl or cry when they see you leave. Your golden’s howling will take about a couple of minutes to an hour. Although golden retrievers are prone to having this separation anxiety behavior, it won’t be considered a serious problem. It’s just a cause of his tension from being away from you. Golden Retrievers that came from a shelter or a rescue house are more likely to have separation anxiety problems.

Golden retriever separation anxiety can become awful when your dog starts urinating, shaking, grumbling and will develop damaging predispositions as they desperately attempt to be with you. Usually, this anxiety will be stimulated by just a mere sound or movement that your golden will identify as a sign that you are preparing to leave. Signs of leaving could be the sound of your keys, the opening of your garage, or running around the house like you are in a hurry.


The strong connection between the human and his pet is the cause of golden retriever separation anxiety. When your golden is left alone, the grief and distress he is feeling cause his separation apprehension. Your golden’s anxiety problem can quickly heap up and can take a negative nature if neglected. So, to get away from this issue, it is necessary to know what your golden retriever needs.

A golden retriever who is having a separation anxiety problem will try its best to keep their human at home. The moment you adopted your golden retriever, it is your obligation to train the golden puppy to avoid having this separation anxiety. You can train him by leaving the house without any aggravation, meaning, do not provide more affection when you are getting ready to leave.


Your love for your golden retriever is as much as how much they love you.  They feel bad the same way as you feel bad when you leave the house hearing your golden cry. So, to make things easier for both of you not getting frustrated from leaving the house, it is recommended to deal with the separation anxiety early on your golden’s life and do necessary practices.

Get him lots of exercises: Before you leave the house, it is best to give your dog lots of exercises just to make him too exhausted to care that you are leaving. When you noticed that your golden retriever is tired, let him rest and get yourself ready to leave. Furthermore, to make your leaving less obvious, do not interact with your dog anymore, instead, offer him his favorite toy or treat as a distraction.

Get him used to you leaving: When you are at home with your golden, do what you normally do before leaving the house (like getting your car keys or opening the garage or starting your car engine) but do not leave.  Another way is to just leave the house without doing your daily routine before leaving – go out without getting your car keys, go out without holding your bag or whatever. Your goal is to change your leaving routine from your golden retriever’s senses so as to avoid his separation anxiety.

Get him a companion: One other way of treating your dog’s separation anxiety is to provide him a companion he can play with and get himself busy with while you are away. Fun and enjoyment will surely keep your pet clear of separation anxiety.

Pay no attention to his cry: Brush aside your golden retriever’s act if he begins to cry or grumble. You need to ignore his cry and strive to form a detachment between your act of going away and your beloved golden retriever.

With the clear amount of thoughtfulness to your dog’s world-weariness and a cautious amendment to how you work together with your golden retriever, separation anxiety will be easily avoided.

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