How To Stop Destructive Chewing of Golden Retrievers

Dogs love to chew. There is no doubt about it. Chewing is a natural dog behavior. It helps relieve pain. But destructive chewing behavior is worrisome. Such pets are likely to get easily frustrated, and repetitive behavior will make things worse. So how can you stop Golden Retriever puppy chewing habits?

Destructive chewing by Golden retriever puppy

Why Do Dogs Chew?

When it comes to looking for ways to stop puppy chewing, you must try to understand the reason for such weird habits of Golden Retrievers. There could be several reasons for puppies indulging in such destructive chewing habit. By understanding dog chewing behavior, you can take steps to stop Golden Retriever puppy chewing.

  • Boredom – If a puppy has nothing else to do, then he will start to chew on whatever comes his way. It is important to keep your Retriever occupied to end such destructive behavior.
  • Exploration – Chewing is not always a bad habit. In fact, small dogs or puppies use chewing as a way of exploring the world around them, just like human babies do.
  • Teething pain – Puppies, too, experience teething pain, like human infants, when their first set of teeth appear. So they will try to chew on something to alleviate the pain and get rid of the irritation.
  • Mild anxiety – An anxious, frightened, or nervous dog may chew to distract himself.
  • Lack of training – A trained puppy never chews on unnecessarily. He must be taught what to chew and what to avoid, as he cannot figure it out himself.
  • Mental issues – A medical issue or a mental disorder might be at the root of the chewing problem.
  • Attention – Dogs seek attention from their human families. If they feel neglected, they may engage in undesirable activities, including destructive chewing to seek attention.
  • Natural instinct – Dogs love to chew. It educates and entertains puppies and relieves tooth pain. Your focus should be to stop your Golden Retriever from chewing on certain things and not everything. Train them not to chew on furniture, rugs, and shoes. Even garbage cans attract dogs and are a favorite chewing object for them.

Tips To Stop Destructive Chewing of Golden Retrievers

Do golden retrievers chew furniture? Is your family heirloom furniture at a risk of being dismantled from the teeth of your furry friend? Well, Retrievers can cause harm to just about anything if their destructive chewing habit is not checked in time. Here are a few tips to stop puppy chewing.

  • Keep specific items out of sight. There are certain objects that grab a puppy’s attention and can become a tempting tooth target. You may want to put them where your furry friend cannot reach. Small objects, such as cell phones, TV/AC remote controls, and Nintendos, are often a favorite target of a Golden.
  • Chew training: When you bring home a Golden Retriever and start with his training, you do not want to miss out on chew training. It is an important part of his upbringing process. When done right, chew training is imbibed in the minds of pets and they should carry the lesson all through their lives. Teaching your puppy what it can and cannot chew is one of the basic tips to stop destructive chewing of Golden Retrievers. Done right, it will set the stage for fewer problems for you and your furry pal for the rest of your time together.
  • Supervise Your Puppy: A watchful eye is one of the ways to curb chewing. Prevention is always better than cure, right? Imagine correcting your pooch the moment he starts chewing. It will never be a problem.
  • Keep them busy: Most dogs chew when they feel bored. It is a good idea to keep them busy with different pet and fetch toys. Help your Golden learn to play fetch and catch and have all the fun. Look for new toys that can stimulate his interest. Bring him toys that can withstand incessant chewing. However, you should refrain from buying squeakers and buttons that are choking hazards.
  • Bring him teething products: There are various teething products in pet supply stores. Bring your Retriever something to chew on, such as pressed bones, rawhides, or teething toys, so he can keep himself busy when he is teething. However, you need to be watchful to see if there are any health issues with these products.
  • Entertain him: Keep your pooch busy even when you’re away because they are the most destructive when left alone. Your dog can feel anxious when alone. Give him plenty of attention when you are together. Take him to a walk. Leave him with a safe toy when you’re getting ready to leave home for work.
  • Deterrents: You may want to place some deterrents to prevent your Golden from chewing on your costly furniture. Applying bitter sprays and salves to the edges may help and can thus become a chewing deterrence. You can place motion- and touch-sensitive warning systems to prevent your furry friend from chewing your family belongings. You can try a citronella deterrent to keep your dog from chewing door frames or even window ledges.
  • Obedience training: Young and immature puppies need to get started on an obedience training schedule. This is one of the best ways to stop destructive chewing of Golden Retrievers. Even a 10-15 minute of training every day is a good start. If yours is a hyperactive four-legged buddy, a 30-second mini training session daily can make a huge difference.

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