Golden Retriever Dies After Flying

Dog owners are rallying behind Kathleen Considine whose golden retriever dies after putting him on a plane. Kathleen has flown Jacob from Detroit to Portland via United Airlines. However, due to miscalculations, it was found that his carrier did not fit on the second plane. He was put in a kennel to wait for another plane that could accommodate him. The wait led to a 20-hour layover, and Jacob was not able to fly until the following afternoon.

Golden retriever dies

Photo courtesy of Kathleen Considine via Travel+Leisure

Upon picking him up from the airport, Kathleen’s boyfriend Shane noticed a change in Jacob’s behavior. And in the evening, Jacob’s condition became worse. Kathleen and Shane took Jacob to emergency care where a CPR was performed on him. However, Jacob died after eight minutes.

The cause of death was gastric dilatation and volvulus syndrome, also known as bloat which is characterized by a dilatation and twisting of the stomach. It is caused by excessive eating or stress. “It’s a really terrible disease that can happen anytime, especially to larger, big-chested dogs… there’s no saying if he stayed at home he wouldn’t have gotten sick,” Considine told Travel+Leisure. “But it’s the way [the airline] handled the situation and the fact he was on the plane for so much longer than he was supposed to be—that’s where I find the problem.”

Kathleen shared her experience on Facebook to spread awareness. Her post has been shared over thousands of times and has received comments from other dog lovers. The airline eventually reached out to her offering to donate $500 to Kathleen’s chosen charity in honor of Jacob.

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