Meet the “Golden Retriever Man” and his 13 “Golden Friends”

Meet the "Golden Retriever Man" and his 13 "Golden Crew"

A 56-year-old man named Şenol Özbakan has been living in an old minibus and has been looking after homeless and abandoned golden retrievers.

Şenol, aslo known as “Şenol Captain in Bodrum” has just 5 golden retrievers last year, but now, he has 13 “golden children” to take care of.  Şenol said that every afternoon, his “golden crew” would go for a swim to cool off and then go for a walk along the marina. “There are people waiting there for us, we sit and chat for a couple hours and then go back to our home,” Şenol said.

Meet the "Golden Retriever Man" and his 13 "Golden Crew"

Şenol’s minibus is parked on the brink of the industrial estate of Bodrum in southwestern Turkey. He sells hand-made beaded jewelry on their Facebook page named ‘Golden Çetesi’ (The Golden Crew) and uses the profits to take care of his dogs’ necessities.

Şenol said, “There have been many people from Canada, the U.K., the U.S., France, Saudi Arabia as well as people from all across Turkey coming to see the dogs. We upgraded our bus with the help of our jewelry sales. People passing by also try to help us”.

Regardless of having no earnings (except for those sent by family and his proceeds from his jewelry sales), well-wishers and animal lovers offer enough to provide sacks of dog food. Şenol also mentioned that he saves money in a bank account for the dogs to provide for them during winter season.

Article and Image source: Daily Sabah Life

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