Golden Retriever Mediator

When two parties are fighting over something and cannot come up with a fair resolution, a mediator comes in to negotiate a settlement.

Golden Retriever Mediator

On this video, you can see that these two golden retrievers won’t give up on the tennis ball. I’m not even sure if they can breathe properly as they are in a nose-to-nose encounter. After a few seconds, another golden came and stood in the middle. Finally, they have a mediator! Everything will be settled now! But guess what, the so called “mediator” just rested on the snouts of the fighting dogs and made them his golden bridge!

This video is so short (just 12 seconds) but it made me laugh so hard! The third golden just went to them to lay his head comfortably on the muzzle of those two dogs! Or maybe he just wants to get involved in the tug-of-war situation but has no space to bite the ball anymore so he instead engaged his head on them? Of maybe that’s his way of saying, “Okay, stop now you two. We’re a family here”. Whatever his reason is, he made my day really happy! I hope yours too!

Video and Image source: Vine Hub/YouTube

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