Golden retriever meets a golden retriever puppy

Photo from: Josh Mackow

Are you thinking of bringing home a new dog? Do you already have other dogs and are worried about how they will react toward the new one? This video may just help put your mind at ease.

Toby is a 10-year-old Golden Retriever, who has been living with his loving family. One day, Toby’s parents decided to bring home another Goldie – 8-week-old Ollie. What transpired after their first meeting was amazing. As soon as Toby met Ollie, the older dog rushed outside to bring in his toy. Obviously, he wanted Ollie to play fetch too. It looked like he was encouraging the little puppy to pick up the ball.

According to their owner, Ollie has the best role model in Toby. And we couldn’t agree more!

Watch the clip below:

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