Golden Retriever Puppy Care Checklist

Bringing home a new puppy? Perhaps that’s the best decision you have made. But your duty doesn’t end here; rather, your responsibilities have doubled. Caring for a puppy requires almost the same efforts and care as that of a newborn baby. So before you plan to finally welcome your four-legged kid, make sure you are ready for it. This Golden Retriever puppy care checklist will come in handy.

Golden Retriever Puppy Care Checklist: What You Need to Know

Big, bold, and beautiful is how we describe the Golden Retriever, with a personality like none other. They are addictive, and when you bring one home, you tend to fall in love with this dog breed and cannot think of any other.

But when it comes to welcoming a Golden puppy home, advance preparation holds the key. Since you want a smooth transition for your furry buddy from his familiar surroundings to the new abode, it may help to keep note of the puppy care checklist. Perhaps you should be looking over the area where your furry pal will be spending most of his time.

Here are a few tips to puppy proof your home:

The List of Essentials

What is it that your Golden Retriever baby will be requiring first when he enters your home? Have a crate in place for the baby to rest and feel at home – a place he can gradually start to call his own and feel comfortable napping in. It’s your decision whether you want a puppy-sized bed or one that can comfortably fit their growing size. One good idea is to buy an appropriately sized crate and make it puppy sized with dividers. You can use it to crate train your pup.

Alternatively, you cannot forget dog bowls – one for food and another one for water. Make sure they are already waiting for him when he comes home for the first time.

You may also need to invest in some puppy toys to keep the baby busy. Chew toys are essential to keep him from chewing away your belongings. Tug toys and fetch and treat-dispensing toys are great options. Make sure you choose appropriately-sized toys, which do not pose a choking hazard. Too small toys may choke your puppy’s throat.

Food changes

Check with the breeder about the food the Golden puppy is used to eating. You do not want to abruptly change his food habits, as introducing any new food may cause stomach upset. This applies to the pedigree of different brands.

It’s a good idea to slowly switch to a new brand of kibble. Gradually add a little amount of new chow to the old, so that there are no abrupt changes in the food your Retriever puppy has been used to.

Every day you can increase the ratio of the new food if he does not show signs of stomach upset when given for the first time. It should be a smooth transition in about a week if everything goes on smoothly.

Poisonous plants

Before you bring home a Retriever puppy, be careful of any plants that may beautify your lawn but could be poisonous to dogs. Many of these are also skin allergy triggers. A good knowledge of “toxic” plants can help you keep your Retriever safe at home, in the garden, or when he is accompanying you to a walk.

Your Golden Retriever puppy care checklist should include a special mention of these common offenders, which include yew, foxglove, daffodil, dieffenbachia, Lily of the valley, Autumn Crocus, Oleander, and wisteria.

Chewable items, cleaning products, and medicines

Never leave your shoes, socks, books, or belts within easy reach of your puppy. Anything small that looks chewable and can fit in their mouth is at risk. This goes for medicines as well. Keep all of your prescription drugs in a cupboard with childproof latches, so that your furry friend cannot get hold of them. Anything that looks attractive will grab their attention. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

If a puppy chews an expensive item or ingests a cleaning product, it could be a choking hazard or even turn toxic.

Be extra watchful of your pup when he goes closer to garbage bins. He may end up tasting something that he shouldn’t and it could turn into a medical emergency. Keep the garbage in lidded bins that can’t be opened by your eager pooch.

Electrical cords

Hanging cables, electrical cords, and wires look highly attractive to dogs. They won’t hesitate to play with them. There are several risks associated with electrical cords. There is a risk of shock to your puppy if he sinks his teeth into the cord. Additionally, they may chew any hanging cables that may be shock proof but surely raise your expenses, as you will need to invest in a new one.

Moreover, hanging wires can be a strangulation hazard as well and must be removed as part of your Golden Retriever puppy care checklist.

It’s a good idea to get cord concealers or cord wraps so that they are secured and out of reach of your little buddy.

A Word of Caution: Golden Retriever Puppy Care Checklist

When your puppy arrives at his new home, let him settle in on his own.  He may hide or feel shy. It’s normal. You do not want to pamper him at the outset.

  • Let him adjust to anything that startles or frightens him. Comforting a startled pup will only send him the message to be fearful. This isn’t good for your furry friend and he may grow into a fearful adult dog.
  • Dogs have a tendency to investigate the area, so allow him to do so, without constantly bugging him. Do not try to reach out to him and wait for the moment when he is keen to approach you. Let him come to you on his own. Gradually crate train him and put him in his crate once he appears to have adjusted to the surroundings the first day. Do not wait until night to start with crate training. It’s natural for pups to scream when he goes into the crate for the first time. But it will gradually become a habit.
  • A fixed routine works the best for pets. Pick up regular meal time, play time, and potty time, and you’ll find that your pup settles in much quicker if they have a schedule. Potty train them as per the schedule, and he may never be involved in any accidents unless there is a medical reason.

There is a lot to think about when you plan to bring home a new pet. It’s a good idea to follow the Golden Retriever puppy care checklist to ensure your canine companion’s smooth transition in his new abode. When it happens, you can expect to have the best time of your life.

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