Golden Retriever Puppy Having First Full Bath

Golden Retriever Puppy Having First Full Bath

Two and a half week-old golden retriever puppy is having his first full bath. Yep, you read it right, the pup is just almost 3 weeks old but he’s already having a full bath and he seems to be enjoying it, well, except for the rinsing part.

The golden retriever puppy is calm while his daddy washes him gently. Some folks said, that if you bathe your dog during his early life (as early as this pup), they will learn to love the practice and won’t give a fight with you during bath time as they are growing up.

The pup’s daddy bathes 8 more puppies as there are 9 golden retriever puppies in their litter box. Can you imagine the back pain the daddy must be having after washing them all?

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A daddy that is as gentle and as loving to his golden retriever puppies deserve a pat in the back for a job well done. Those puppies surely are in good hands.

Image and video source: TrevorTrentR/YouTube

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