Golden Retriever stayed for nearly 20 hours in the snow to save his owner from freezing to death

Golden Retriever Kelsey stayed for nearly 20 hours in the snow to save his owner from freezing to death

It was 10:30 p.m. before the New Year’s Eve celebration when Bob went outside to get more woods for his fireplace, but out of the blue, he slipped and fell and broke his neck.

Bob tried screaming for help but since his nearest neighbor is about a quarter mile away, no one heard him and only his Golden Retriever named Kelsey came to his rescue.

The temperature was 24 degrees and Bob laid helplessly in the snow, but Kelsey kept on barking by his side and positioned herself on top of him and licks his face and hands to keep him awake. The Golden Retriever’s gesture prevented Bob from developing hypothermia.

“She kept barking for help but never left my side,” Bob said. “She kept me warm and alert. I knew I had to persevere through this and that it was my choice to stay alive.”

In the course of time, Bob lost consciousness. But Kelsey never stopped from barking, and finally Bob’s neighbor found him the next day and called 911.

By the time he arrived at the McLaren Northern Michigan Emergency Department in Petoskey, Michigan, he was hypothermic — with a core body temperature under 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

“I was surprised to find out that I didn’t have any frostbite,” Bob said. “I am sure it was because of Kelsey’s determination.”

Dr. Chaim Colen, a neurosurgeon at McLaren Northern Michigan, instantly executed spinal decompression surgery on Bob, which was a complete success. Bob still has a long road of recovery, and hours of physical therapy.

“I’m so thankful for my two heroes,” Bob said. “Kelsey kept me warm, alert and never stopped barking for help. Dr. Colen saved my life and ability to move. They are truly heroes and I will be eternally grateful.”


Article and Image source: CBS NEWS

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