This Golden Retriever Is a Serial Leg-Hugger

Aww. If you still have doubts about golden retrievers’ affectionate nature, this adorable goldie will hopefully finally convince you. Meet Louboutina, or Loubie, a golden retriever from New York who has one peculiar hobby: hugging her owner’s legs. Her affectionate antics made her an instant celebrity, now garnering over a hundred thousand followers on Instagram. She even made it to The Rachel Ray Show last month.

Golden retriever

Still from The Rachel Ray Show via Us Weekly

“I never trained her to do this,” her owner Cesar Fernandez-Chavez, said on the show. “Our walks are very short in distance but long in time because there is a lot of pausing and PDA. She wants a lot of public displays of affection.”

Her hugs are not exclusive to Cesar only, though. Loubie also shows her affection to strangers that she feels comfortable with. According to an article by Us Weekly, Loubie started this habit years ago on Valentine’s Day.

Oh, if you are around this cutie, it is easy to feel like everyday is Valentine’s Day. Don’t stop hugging, Loubie!


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