Golden Retrievers: Gotta Have ‘Em or Not?

Welcome to the world of golden retrievers! Or to frame that statement differently—do you fit in the world of golden retrievers? This dog breed is among the popular breeds in the United States. And it is easy to see why. These dogs are gentle, fun-loving, and extremely loyal. They are easy to love and are also easy on the eyes (oh that golden fur!). However, the life of a golden retriever owner is not for everyone. There are things to consider. For one, does your lifestyle fit this dog’s needs? To help you decide whether you should get yourself a goldie or not, read some of these considerations below.

Golden retrievers

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Reasons for getting a golden retriever

If you ask current golden retriever owners why they chose a goldie for a pet, you are most likely to get one or two of the following reasons:


There is no denying that golden retrievers look… well, golden. Not to be biased or anything, but it is true that the golden retriever is among the most good-looking breeds out there. Their fur, their built, their everything… Golden retrievers are so beautiful, they melt hearts wherever they go.

Great with people and other animals

These dogs, though big, are very gentle. They are great around people and other animals. They are very friendly and can be easily socialized. That is why families with young children opt to get a goldie—they make great best friends!

Happy pill

Nothing lifts us up quite the same way Golden retrievers do. We are not entirely sure what these dogs are on, but they are always happy and energetic and pleasant to be around. Their energy is electric too, helping Goldie owners like us to forget about life’s random stresses. What’s more, these dogs love to play too! They always get us running or doing really fun stuff in the yard, giving them more reason to be the ideal dogs for families with children.


A golden retriever is your ideal best friend. They are good-looking, loyal, fun-loving, and extremely smart too! These dogs are very intelligent and highly trainable. What’s more? They excel in obedience and agility training too. There is no wonder why so many of these dogs grow up to be service and therapy dogs.

If the above are enough reason for you to get a golden retriever now, congratulations! However, there is a bigger reality when it comes to getting a Goldie. There are important questions you need to ask. Here are some of them:

Do you have enough space?

Golden Retrievers are large dogs. So it is natural that they would need a bigger space to move around. You do not want them knocking off vases and other precious home ornaments, do you? They also love to follow you around, so having enough space in the house to allow two people to move around is a plus.

Do you have the time?

Golden Retrievers need their exercise. They are after all a sporting breed. Some say your goldie will need 1.5 hours of daily exercise. And frankly, that is a lot! So before getting yourself a Goldie, assess first if you have the time to provide this particular need. Why do you need to exercise your golden retriever? A golden retriever with no physical activities tends to find other more destructive means to release their pent up energy. They will most likely resort to chewing and running around the house. In other words, you do not want a bored Golden Retriever at home.

Can you tolerate mess?

Another consideration when getting a Golden Retriever is the possibility of living with little messes. For one, your Goldie has a distinct smell. Most dog owners have grown to tolerate this smell, so you will also probably do after some time. Bathing them helps diminish their smell too, although you should not bathe them often in order not to remove their natural oils. Also, your golden retriever will shed, so prepare to find golden hair on your sofa, the floor, your clothes, everywhere! Lastly, if you have a yard where you let your Goldie play, expect him to bring in some outside dirt. In other words, it is just like having a little kid at home (except with more energy and a bigger body).

Deciding whether to get a Golden Retriever does not only rely on this breed’s looks. There are many considerations to keep in mind. Be a wise a dog owner and ask yourself the above questions before deciding to get a Goldie. Remember, owning a dog is a commitment. Are you sure you will be in it for the long run?

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