The Guilty Face of a Golden Retriever

Oshie is the most behaved golden retriever when being scolded!

When Oshie’s owner left him for a few minutes to get their mail, he delighted himself by rolling on their wet grass caused by the rain. When his owner came back and noticed his wet fur, he got “scolded”. What’s amazing is, Oshie just sits there and keeps twitching his nose like a genuinely guilty man who has nothing else to say but just face the consequences of his wrong doings.

But of course, the scolding was just an act – who could resist that face! Who could get mad at that face! He has the most adorably guilty face you could ever see in your entire life! After the “scolding” portion, his owner let him play on the wet grass, but no more rolling around.

Oshie, The Guilty Face of a Golden Retriever

Such a fun video to watch! Left a smile on my face and watched the video a couple more times.

Video and Image source: Oshie Thompson/YouTube

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