Harlow, the Remarkable Service Golden Retriever Dog

The 15-month old golden retriever named Harlow has been going around the internet especially on Instagram and Youtube because of her remarkable abilities.

Harlow, the Remarkable Service Golden Retriever Dog

This extraordinary pup can get house keys, get her own leash, tidy up laundry, take a water bottle from the fridge, close the dishwasher and do other stuffs that not all dogs can execute.

The tricks that Harlow has been doing is not only to make people get amused or amazed by what she can do, but it’s basically for her 20-year-old owner, Jacquie Blake, who has eight chronic ailments, including migraines, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS), narcolepsy, epilepsy, dizziness, and frequent fainting spells.

Harlow, the Remarkable Service Golden Retriever Dog

Harlow has been training to become a medical alert and mobility service dog for her owner. She alerts Blake when she senses something bad is about to take place and helps Blake with her physical curbs since her ailments make it difficult every now and then, to even do simple task such as bending over to pick up something.

Blake said: “When I’m having a dizzy spell or pain flare, it’s really helpful that Harlow can grab things or put things away for me. If she senses something is really wrong, she’ll plant her head on my lap to make sure I don’t stand up or if I’m standing, she’ll repeatedly poke me with her nose to get down on the floor.”

Although Harlow gets plenty of playtime and family bonding at their home, Blake specified that it’s vital for individuals not to pet Harlow when she’s out functioning as a service dog simply because , “You never know when distracting them can put their handler’s life at risk,” Blake explained.

Harlow has now 85.4k followers on Instagram and 1.3k subscriber on YouTube.

Harlow, the Remarkable Service Golden Retriever Dog

Blake said: “Harlow has given me the confidence to leave my house and to know I’ll be safe, and that means the whole world.”

Image source: helper_dog_harlow/Instagram
Article source: WTOP

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