Help Find the Stolen Golden Retriever

A 3-month-old stolen golden retriever puppy named “Dorie” was taken away from the service-dog-in-training facility in Milton, Georgia between the sunset of Sept. 3 and the sunrise of Sept. 4.

Help Find the Stolen Golden Retriever

Dorie had been training at Milton-based Canine Assistants, a nonprofitmaking training facility for service dogs. Canine Assistants founder and executive director Jennifer Arnold said that it was the first time for 25 years they experienced a puppy taken away from their farm. With the evidences they had, they consider that the person/s linked to this issue knew their system and they had a strong purpose to take Dorie.

As of September 12, the parents of the stolen golden retriever were proposing a $3,500 reward for info of Dorie’s location. If you have an info about Dorie or wants to get an update about her, here’s her Facebook account called “Bring Dorie Home”.

Article and Image source: Fox News

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