How To Identify A Purebred Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are among the most sought-after dogs. They are the first choice as a family dog. Search and rescue teams look for Goldens for their matchless sniffing and tracking ability. Bomb squads too prefer these dogs. They are the ultimate therapy dogs. With the demand for the dog growing immensely, the selling of mixed Golden puppies has become rampant. As it is not possible to identify genuine traits by seeing a puppy, finding a purebred Golden Retriever has turned out to be a daunting task.

 Identify A Purebred Golden Retriever

Here are some tips to identify a purebred Golden Retriever:

Find A Good Breeder

The foremost thing to find a purebred Golden Retriever is to visit a reputed breeder. Pet shops are not the right place where you want to buy a genuine Golden. A good breeder must have the following qualities:

  • The breeder should be a member of the Golden Retriever Club of America or other clubs registered with the American Kennel Club, the most authentic registry of purebred dogs.
  • Participating in AKC-sanctioned dog purebred shows and events is another hallmark of a good breeder. You may also check his acquaintance with dog enthusiasts and vets.
  • The kennel of the breeder is an indication of his genuineness. His dogs should be healthy, clean, friendly, socialized, and emotionally strong.
  • A good breeder is one who refuses to sell Golden puppies less than 7-week old, as the puppy may not be ready to live in separation from his mother. He may also test your awareness and ability to care for the dog.
  • He is able to show you certifications and medical records of his dogs. You may find a detailed record of the names and timing of vaccinations. He is ready to show certifications that declare the parents of puppies free from genetic issues.
  • The breeder has ample knowledge about the personality and temperament of Golden Retrievers. He strictly follows ethical care and treatment of dogs.

You may check with your friends about a reputed breeder in your locality. The AKC website too has a search option to find local Golden Retriever breeders. You may meet breeders at dog shows and purebred events. Vets can also provide contacts of such persons.

Check Pedigree To Identify a Purebred Golden Retriever

Pedigree is the most important way to recognize a purebred Golden Retriever. A good breeder keeps details about the four generations of a dog. You may review the details to find out the breeding stock of a puppy and examine the health, personality, traits, and temperament of his parents and ancestors.

The pedigree details also help you become assured of the track record of the breeder and quality of puppies in his kennel.

However, you must seek pedigree details, not just registration papers of a dog’s ancestry. Breeders must have supporting paperwork to showcase qualities of parents and grandparents.

Check Parents To Identify a Purebred Golden Retriever

Once you are assured of the puppy’s pedigree, the next step is to meet his parents.

Selective breeding with proper documentation is the key to preserving the authenticity of a dog breed. A puppy is most likely to look like and exhibit traits of his parents when he grows up. If the parents have typical purebred qualities, the puppy is more likely to have them. So, to find out if a puppy is purebred or not, you must check his parents.

Watch the parents carefully and observe their temperament and attributes. Make sure they have the breed-specific conformations and standards. Seek their certifications too and go through their health, vaccination, show participation, lineage, issues, and other mentioned details.

Check Puppy Papers To Identify a Purebred Golden Retriever

You should ask the breeder to provide “puppy papers” for verification. A purebred puppy has all the individual and family documents. Dogs must be registered with the American Kennel Club or the local AKC-affiliated Golden Retriever clubs.

The breeder is required to register his purebred Golden Retrievers with these registries. When a new puppy is born, he has to get him registered. In return, the club provides certifications attesting the lineage of the puppy. It is mandatory for the breeder to hand over the certification when you buy the puppy.

A purebred Golden Retriever is costlier than the one who is not, as the breeder has to take extra care of their health, grooming, diet, and certification needs. When someone offers you a Golden puppy at a discounted price, you should be cautious to check the right credentials. Crossbred dogs are more unpredictable and may lack the usual charm and friendly gesture of Goldens. They may be mild mannered.

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