9 Interesting Things You May Not Know About Golden Retrievers

The personality and temperament of Golden Retrievers make them a pure bliss to own. A perfect combination of beauty, intelligence, and charisma, these dogs are often admired as “nearly human.” Friendly in disposition, with a sportive spirit, and endowed with good manners, Goldens are truly amazing human companions. However, there are many interesting facts about Golden Retrievers that attract attention beyond their appealing, playful, and obedient nature.

Interesting Things About Golden Retrievers

The Scottish Origin

Available canine literature about Golden Retrievers hints at their Scottish origin. The dog was a product of careful breeding patronized by politician and businessman Dudley Marjoribanks between 1868 and 1875. Glen Affric in southwest Scotland is considered the birthplace of the dog. The breeding program involved multiple dogs – a Retriever, an extinct Tweed Water Spaniel, an Irish Setter, a Bloodhound, and another extinct breed St. John’s dog – to create the ultimate sporting dog.

The Atlantic Divide

The most interesting thing about Golden Retrievers is that these dogs have geographical variations. Goldens in the United States are lankier and less muscular with trademark lustrous gold shade than those found elsewhere. The Canadian Golden Retriever is taller with a thick and dark coat. Retrievers found in Europe and Australia have a light colored body with a broad skull and a more muscular figure.

Always Ready To Rescue

The ability and readiness to rescue are in the genes of a Golden Retriever. The dog was originally bred to search and retrieve dead ducks, birds, and other small animals. Even though these dogs are now the most sought-after pets, their search-and-rescue instinct continues to be strong.

Due to their unparalleled sniffing and tracking ability, Golden Retrievers are an integral part of search-and-rescue teams.

However, Goldens are not good watchdogs.

Though an Australian Golden Retriever is the holder of the world record for the loudest barking, these dogs are not for guarding or watching duties. Their funny look explains their personality and behavior perfectly.

When we think about Golden Retrievers, we always imagine their friendly disposition. Indeed, these dogs are great friends. They are quick to make friendship with strangers. Caring, loving, and affectionate, Goldens are rarely aggressive.

Natural Water Lovers

It is the most exceptional thing about Golden Retrievers making them different from other dog breeds. While many dogs are scared of water, a Golden is always eager to jump into the water and love to swim. The dog is a natural swimmer. It is difficult to restrain a dog on the beach or near a pool. He may look for every pretext to get into the water.

The True Champs

The dog is a true champion. You will come across many instances about Golden Retrievers ranking higher than most other canine breeds. The American Kennel Society ranks them among the most obedient dogs. Trainers consider Goldens as the best and the easiest dog to train.

The dog has the best sniffing and tracking skills. They love to work alongside human and other animals. Goldens are super friendly, and any other dog rarely surpasses their sporting spirit.

The Sniffers

With an excellent sense of smell, Golden Retrievers are the ultimate sniffer dogs. The breed traces its origin to four dog breeds, each with great sniffing skills. Most of them are gun dogs employed to find out and retrieve small prey. The Golden boasts an intense sniffing power. This makes Golden Retrievers a favorite of bomb disposal squads, rescue teams, and narcotic officials.

The Best Therapy Dogs

Apart from looks and brain power, there is more about Golden Retrievers. They are the best therapy dogs, thanks to their calm demeanor, gentle disposition, and friendly nature. Their sociable nature and faithful behavior make them great companions of the sick and infirm and those with a disability.

Goldens are the 4th smartest dog breed, and their intelligence is unquestionable. They are also highly trainable. All these qualities make them perfect therapy dogs, providing comfort, support, and affection in schools, hospitals, and nursing homes.

The Hollywood Star

The entertainment industry has a penchant for Golden Retrievers, and these dogs have more movies to their name than any other breed. Affectionate, charming, highly trainable, and smart, Goldens are a natural choice for directors and producers to act in movies and soap operas. The audience has always appreciated their playful nature and innocent look, while their calm disposition is a delight for actors.

Pet and Kid Friendly

This quality about Golden Retrievers makes them the most sought-after family dogs.

Perhaps, no dog is more kid and pet-friendly than Retrievers. They just go along well with anyone irrespective of age or sex. A Golden doesn’t need specific ownership qualities to exhibit obedience. He barks more than they bite. Anyone can handle these dogs.

Golden Retrievers have a weakness – they love to make friends. This attitude makes them more inclined to take care of other household pets. Goldens socialize quickly. You may rarely come across a family that feels its Golden is unfriendly toward other pets.

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