Understanding the Life Span of Golden Retrievers

Every pet owner wants their pet to live as long as they could ever imagine. As much as we all want that to happen, we still cannot take the fact that every creature in this world will come to its end.

Understanding the Life Span of Golden Retrievers

This article will help you understand the lifespan of your golden retriever.

Shorter Lives for Larger Dogs

Unlike those cute little dogs, large dogs like goldens don’t usually stay around that long. Why? There is still no exact explanation for that. However, a new study shows that larger dogs have shorter lives because they age more quickly than the small ones.

You may have heard about people saying that the one-year lifespan of a dog is equivalent to seven years in human age. That is actually not true. The dog’s life span basically depends on their size. Researchers certified that for every 4.4 pounds of heaviness your dog has, his life expectation is cut down by one month.

Life Span of Golden Retrievers

Since goldens are considered big dogs, then we can immediately conclude that they have shorter lives. Their typical lifespan is about 10 to 12 years. Some goldens may live as long as 19 years, but that is very unusual.

Ways of helping your Golden Live Longer

  1. Castrating and Spaying

By spaying or castrating your golden, you could give her/him an added one to three years of life expectancy. With spaying or castrating, you don’t have to fear about your female dog having mammary cancer or your male dog having testicular cancer. Cancer is one of the reasons for golden retrievers’ deaths.

  1. Healthy Diet and Exercise

Undeniably, giving your dog a healthy high-quality diet will also give him a healthy quality life. Other than his healthy diet, you should also help him keep a healthy weight. So, daily exercie is crucial. Exercises will lessen his chance of having joint hitches and other weight related illnesses.

  1. Stress is a No-No

The more stress-free your dog is, the longer he will live. Stressed dogs are more susceptible to a lot of chronic ailments. If your golden is with another dog that intimidates him regularly, he will get stressed.

  1. Regular Check-Ups

A regular visit to your golden’s vet will detect any probable ailments, thus will be treated sooner. He will also get necessary vaccines to safeguard him from any infectious or transmittable diseases.

  1. Protection from the Sun

Dogs need protection from the sun. Light shaded dogs are more inclined to sunburn. If they are regularly exposed to the sun, they can have skin cancer. Rub on him a sunscreen (those that are safe for dogs) to the tip of his nose, ears and belly, and around his eye area. You can ask a recommendation from your vet for an appropriate sunscreen product for your dog.

  1. No Overfeeding

Please do not overfeed your dog. Do not get tempted giving him additional food serving when he shows you those darling eyes!  Remember, when they gain more weight, you’re just helping him cut down his life span. Just give him enough of what he needs.

  1. Tooth Care

Germs from your dog’s mouth may spread to his veins and harm his vital organs, thus making him live shorter than expected. For that reason, it is important to keep his mouth clean and brush his teeth regularly.

  1. Keep him away from Harmful Substances

Don’t let your golden nibble on stuff that are toxic. Don’t let him get near any domestic cleaning products, chemically treated items in your house or backyard, or any harmful substances that could harm him.  Be careful also on what you put on your goldens skin – be sure that it’s safe for him to lick or swallow.

Our dog’s quality of life depends on us. Keep them happy, safe and loved for a longer and healthier life.

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