A Golden Retriever and Her Interesting Bedtime Routine

A golden retriever named Mojito has an amusing pattern of choosing one particular toy every night as her bedtime buddy.

Mojito and His Interesting Bedtime Routine

Mojito’s owner, Kim Downie, said that her dog’s routine of carrying a particular toy upstairs started about a year and a half ago, and from there, they started making this amazing golden retriever an Instagram account to document her unusual practice.

Mojito doesn’t only give joy to her social media fans, but she just also completed her training to be a therapy dog. She frequently visits a nursing home in Westlake, Ohio where the patients are always delighted to see her. The patients say that she brings love and companionship every time she visits.

Mojito and His Interesting Bedtime Routine

It’s really amusing to have a golden retriever like Mojito. Aside from being a therapy dog and a social media star, I love how she doesn’t tear her stuffed toys into pieces! They are all still in good shape – no cut off ears or arms or tails!

Mojito and His Interesting Bedtime Routine

Image and article source: Babble.com

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