Most Obedient Golden Retrievers

Four obedient golden retrievers in Thailand wait unwearyingly in a line to have their paws cleaned before they could enter the house.

Most Obedient Golden Retrievers

These golden retrievers uncomplainingly wait at the front door even if they’re under the heat of the sun. It’s amazing how they were able to wait for their turn to be cleaned and not overtaking the other dogs or shoving or running around the area. It’s incredible how this lady thought them to become patient and obedient golden retrievers!

As you watch the video, you will notice that the dogs at the back will move forward once the front dog is done with the cleaning. They will also automatically lift their feet to be cleaned by a towel and those that were done cleaning stays at the entrance way and waits for the last dog to join them.

Such a wonderful video to watch!

Video and Image source: Youtube

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