Reasons to Love Golden Retrievers

We love dogs in general! Whatever breed they come in, as long as they are part of the canine family, we love them! However, we do have some biases when it comes to our favorite breed. Ever since we decided to get a Golden Retriever, we are finding more reasons to fall in love with them every day.

Golden retriever

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Below are some facts about living with Golden Retrievers that make us love them even more. Fellow Goldie owners, do you agree?

Cuddly thing

Warmth. That is the number one thing our Golden Retriever offers us every day. They absolutely love to cuddle. Whether you had a bad day at work or just want some cuddle, you can be sure your Golden Retriever will be there for you. Thank heavens for these golden dogs!

Irresistible eyes

Watch out! Their adorable puppy dog eyes might just melt you. It is hard to pretend to stay mad at these dogs. Honestly, we are powerless against their imploring doggy eyes. You look straight into their eyes, and somehow all the worries in the world seem to fade away. Sigh.

Best friend material

Need a best friend? Look no further! Taking home a Golden Retriever is really like bringing home a new best friend. They are fiercely loyal and never to leave your side. So you see, your Goldie will never make you feel alone again.

Driving buddies

If you have been on the internet for a while, then you have probably seen some of those videos of Goldies having fun in the passenger seat. It is true! These dogs are wonderful driving buddies. For some inexplicable reason, watching them in their seat gives you a sense that perhaps in these dogs’ eyes the world is not that bad after all. They take in sights as if everything is new.

Energy. Lots and lots of it.

Golden retrievers are very playful. Some dog owners find a problem with this, but for us, we find this attitude in our Goldie very welcome. We do not mind that they require daily walks or that they love to play too much. Their energy is refreshing, and seeing them so eager and having a lot of fun makes us forget about our worries, even for just a while.

Very intelligent

These dogs are known for their intelligence. They are highly trainable and can easily learn new tricks. If you are the type who prefers smart dogs, then a Golden Retriever is the right breed for you!

Great with other people and animals

Another thing that we love about our Golden Retriever is how awesome they are around other people. We can bring them to almost anywhere, and we are sure they will make new friends along the way. It is not just because of the looks. This breed’s personality makes them magnetic too.

Great with children

The above reason brings us to this one—they are great with kids! So if you are looking forward to building a family (or if you already have one), a golden retriever is the right dog for you. This dog can be trusted around children. They are gentle, warm, and very loyal. What more could you ask for?

Full of potential

Due to this breed’s temperament and innate intelligence, the sky is the limit in terms of what the Golden Retriever can achieve. There is no wonder then that we see a lot of Goldies as service and therapy dogs. .

Has a lot of love to offer

Perhaps the reason why Golden Retrievers are naturally big is because they contain so much love inside them. Their warmth, loyalty, and constant presence prove to us that there is no other love fiercer than that of a dog’s love. And because these dogs are so loving, we could not help but learn to love them (and others) even deeper.

Good looks

And last on this list is their good looks. There is no denying that the golden retriever is one of the most good-looking breeds. Their golden hair, their beautiful eyes, and their healthy frame coupled with their personality make every Golden Retriever owner proud!

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