Golden Retriever Therapy Dog Help Rape Victims Heal

A golden retriever named Lily is a certified therapy dog that comforts rape and sexual assault victims recover from their traumatic experiences.

Therapy Dog Golden Retriever Help Rape Victims Heal

Lily is working at the Rape Crisis Center in Milford, Connecticut. Since she started working at the center, she’s been helping the victims feel at ease while disclosing about their experiences during their counseling sessions.

There are some victims who are not comfy being with dogs, thus, Lily will just sit on the sessions where she is asked for. For those victims who wanted the therapy dog to be around, Lily will just sit or lie on the victim’s feet so that they can pet her and feel comfortable and calm while telling their stories.

Peggy Pisano, the director of victim services and Lily’s handler, said that there’s an obvious development in the clients’ attitudes after they start connecting with the therapy dog. Lily has given something exceptional for the victims. Pisanto also shares that she likes to widen Lily’s work someday, like having a therapy dog at the police department or at court when victims are telling their testaments.

Image and article source: The Huffington Post

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