Tips To Care for Golden Retriever

The highly intelligent, loyal, and sociable Golden Retriever is a widely popular dog breed. Although slow to mature, most Retrievers carry their puppyish traits into the old age. They were originally bred for tough activities of retrieving ducks and fowl for hunters that required hard physical labor. Therefore, they need daily exercise and a proper diet to keep fit. Besides ensuring that your Retriever gets physical and mental exercise, make sure he gets an opportunity to participate in family activities, as he is a family dog who wants to be with you.

Golden Retriever Grooming

Grooming of the double-coated breed requires extra time and effort. It is a huge responsibility to look after a Retriever. When it comes to taking Golden Retriever care, grooming is a great bonding experience for you both.

Brushing the Coat

Their double coat needs an occasional bath to keep them clean and to look their best, with a soft, fuzzy undercoat and a long smooth outer coat. These two layers protect the skin from extreme cold or heat conditions.

If you don’t comb or brush long Golden hair, there is a high risk of tangling. When tangles get wet, they tend to turn into mats, which get bigger if they are left untreated, tightly pulling on the pooch’s skin. When a mat rubs against the skin, it blocks air circulation, causing itchy rashes or bacterial infection.

One of the most crucial tips to care for Golden Retriever is not to shave your pooch.  Their coat acts as a protective shield against vagaries of weather. Remember, the only areas that require grooming are the feet, tail, and ears.

Shedding Care for Golden Retriever

The Golden Retrievers’ smooth coat is easy to groom with a firm bristle brush. While brushing, extra attention should be paid to the dense undercoat. Golden Retrievers should be cleaned with a dry shampoo regularly and bathed only when necessary.

The undercoat is the section of denser hair under the longer coat. The short undercoat helps in insulation.  The actual length of the coat does not decide how much it will shed. The coat grows in the winter season, so your Retriever gets protection from the cold. The fur sheds in summers when it is not needed. An undercoat rake is the best tool to groom the Golden Retriever hair. You may use a bristle brush for regularly brushing their coat.

Nail Care for Golden Retriever

One important part of the Golden Retriever care tips is to keep their nails clipped. Use a nail clipper to trim their strong fast-growing nails regularly to avoid overgrowth, cracking, and splitting and remove dog dander.

Bathing Care for Golden Retriever

Regular bathing does not damage his coat. So it is a good idea to give your pooch regular baths. Retrievers have a thick coat with an undercoat. Thoroughly soak them down so that the water penetrates all of their fur for deeper cleansing. Use a dog shampoo to lather him up. Dry him off completely when he is in the tub itself, as the Retriever usually races around the house after bath before settling down for a peaceful nap.

Ear Care for Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are prone to ear infections. Unclean ears easily in attract bacterial and yeast infections. Regularly check their ears to avoid wax buildup and infection. Trim their ear hair thin using regular grooming and thinning shears.

An ear cleaning solution can come in handy for delicate cleanup of ears inside-out. While the hair inside the ear can be kept thin, hair covering the outer layer must be kept neat.


Groom the tail regularly and twist the end like a fan.

Toe Care for Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever has a tendency to grow “slippers,” which are a type of fuzzy hair or overgrown fur protruding from the toes, covering the feet pads. Therefore, they need a trimming of hair on the bottom of the paws.

When it comes to trimming the fur, carefully hold the pad of the paw in an upward facing direction so the sheers are parallel to the paw.You have got to be careful when cutting close to the pad, so you do not end up cutting their sensitive pad.

Repeat the process once a month.

Fitness Tips To Care for Golden Retriever

One of the most important tips to care for Golden Retriever is to keep them happy. Since they are a sporting breed, they need to undergo mental and physical exercises to keep them fit and stave off boredom. They crave for physical activity. If they don’t get much physical exercise, they tend to become destructive as they store unused energy and their minds become bored. They may end up digging, chewing, or running around your home.

Goldens are prone to obesity. If you do not help your Retriever meet his need for using pent-up energy, the pounds are only going to pile up. The pet would be rearing to use his repressed energy in some form of destructive activity.

The best Golden Retriever Care tip is to give your pooch at least a 5-minute exercise, so he stays active, agile, and healthy.

Retrievers are friendly, reliable, and trustworthy dogs. They get along well with other dog-friendly pets and do not show any hostility toward others in normal circumstances.

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