Transition of Golden Retrievers from Newborn to 12 weeks

On this time-lapse video, you can see the amazing growth stages of golden retrievers as they mature week by week from newborn to 12 weeks old (3 months).

Newborn puppies still cannot hear nor see everything around them. They just rely on their mother and wants to be fed for every 1 or 2 hours per day. When golden retriever puppies reach their 3rd week, that’s where they begin to eat puppy foods but still needs their mother’s milk. This is also the stage where they grow and develop fast.

Transition of Golden Retrievers

On their 6th week, they begin to play at lot as they have more energy and stronger immune system. On their 9th week, they become tremendously active and are more attentive and responsive of their surroundings. This is also an ideal time to kickoff training.

Transition of Golden Retrievers

During their 12th week, they can now be adopted to a new home and can be introduced new places, adventures and do other physical activities.

Transition of Golden Retrievers

Image and Video source: 8ball Pythons/YouTube

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