Understanding “Strange” Golden Retriever Behavior: 5 Things To Know

Golden Retrievers are loyal and excellent family members. However, you must keep in mind that they are dogs and have certain natural instincts and urges that shape their behavior. Owners without a proper understanding of Golden Retriever behavior are likely to find some of their manners and activities strange.

Strange Golden Retriever behavior may be natural

With adequate understanding of Golden Retriever behavior, you can avoid embarrassing moments with your dog and train him more effectively. Here are five important things you should keep in mind if you are unable to comprehend your pet’s behavior.

Strange Golden Retriever Behavior is a Misnomer

Your Golden Retriever is not a human being and you should not expect him to behave like you. There may be situations when you find his behavior weird and upsetting. However, such Golden Retriever behavior may be completely natural for a dog. All that you can do is to train your dog to minimize such activities and follow a code of conduct.

A dog is a different species and born with certain urges, wants, and instincts. He has different ways of communicating too. All this influences Golden Retriever behavior, and unless you are aware of your dog’s needs, feelings, or thoughts, you may find his activities or manners bizarre.

Barking is common to dogs. It is natural for Golden Retrievers to bark at visitors or approaching animals. You may be perturbed to see your dog barking at night. But this is his way of warning you about an impending danger. Similarly, these dogs dig flowerbeds, as they have an urge to hide things or search for cooler places in the summer. The Golden Retriever is originally bred to retrieve prey, and this instinct leads them to carry things in their mouths.

You may not find your Golden Retriever behavior strange if you are aware of their natural drives and instincts. With better training and socialization, you can rein in their unwanted activities.

Bad Ownership Leads To Eerie Golden Retriever Behavior

There is a saying: “There are no bad dogs, just bad owners.” No Golden Retriever is born bad. It is the ownership qualities that make a dog behave badly.

Animal behavioral experts are unanimous in their views that a dog’s behavioral issues are the result of ownership failure. When you are unable to understand what a dog wants, you are most likely to ignore his needs. This may cause a dog to yearn for things he wants and thus behave abnormally.

The lack of proper training and socialization also reflects poor ownership. As a result, a dog is unable to develop a better understanding of people and objects and communicate with them in an acceptable manner. Your pet may not able to fulfill your expectations, as he is not trained accordingly.

Understanding of Golden Retriever Behavior May Help in Training

Golden Retrievers are outstanding and intelligent companions. With proper training, you can help them regulate instincts and urges and avoid behavioral problems.

As a responsible pet parent, it is your duty to pay attention to dog drives, natural instincts, and environmental factors that shape the Golden Retriever behavior. Read extensively about the breed and prepare yourself for the care of your pet.

Don’t press the panic button and force your dog to forgo his urges or instincts. He may feel frustrated, turn aggressive, or go out of control.

When you are aware of your dog’s needs and drives, you can help him get avenues to release them. A happy dog loves to obey his owner and stays away from an excessive showcase of his urges.

Knowledge of Dog Communication Essential To Understand Golden Retriever Behavior

Your pet is different from you. This means there cannot be direct communication between the two. You must gain an insight into how dogs communicate to develop a better understanding of your Golden Retriever’s behavior.

Dogs have their own language and they express it through voice sounds – barking, growling, howling whining, yelping, etc. Each sound conveys a specific need of your dog. Don’t just dismiss barking or whining by your dog as a disturbing tendency. Pay attention to his facial and body expressions to identify the underlining cause of such Golden Retriever behavior.

Your pet barks or whines only when he feels or needs something. By looking at his tail, eyes, and the pitch of the voice, you can easily understand what he wants to convey. This not only empowers you to fulfill your dog’s needs, but also prevents any misunderstanding about his behavior.

Golden Retriever Behavior A Two-Way Process

The Golden Retriever loves the company of his family members. However, these dogs are highly intelligent and keen observers. They watch and try to understand conducts of their owners and their perception plays a role in their own behavior. Amply skillful, your Golden Retriever learns the way you conduct yourself and can think beforehand about how you are going to behave. He can even read your face, postures, and movements to know exactly what you are thinking. And your behavior shapes that of his.

As long as you spend the time to learn your pet’s behavior, he gets a chance to learn about you. This allows both to understand each other’s expectations, thus reducing any chances of misunderstandings. You can identify the urges and instincts that are stronger in dogs and facilitate their release. Your pet will also learn about your lifestyle and develop better aptitude to cope with his behavior.

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