What’s it like to live with Golden Retrievers?

Living with Golden Retrievers

Sweet, loving, cheerful! How could anyone not fall in love with their unique personalities? No wonder why Golden Retrievers are among the top ten most popular dog breeds in the United States.

A quality playing time, morning and evening walk, and a run in the park are just one of his favorite activities to do. If you can provide him that, then you can expect him to be compliant to relatively any way of life.

Even of the same breed, every golden retriever still differ from each other. Nevertheless, they have these common habits, behaviors, and activities that, if not all, most of them have in common.

Here’s what it’s really like to live with a golden retriever.

Fur is all over the place

Goldens have long, soft, and really nice coat, but they shed a lot! You can find their hair everywhere in the house. Imagine having your golden’s hair on every corner of your house, rugs, bedsheets, under the chair and furniture, backyard, and anywhere else you could imagine. You may find yourself sweeping all of those hairs in the morning but can find even more in the evening.

Do not leave your food unattended

Unless your golden is still a puppy, you can still leave your appetizing foods on your table. But when he reaches his full height, then you have to watch where you’re going to place it. Tables are at an eye level for golden retrievers, hence, they can easily snatch your food.

Guard you furnitures

Since golden retrievers are cheerful dogs, tendency is, they will regularly wag their tail. And when they do that, they can frequently whack a furniture or two. Dogs like golden retrievers get delighted about everything and anything especially when they see you come home. So, just place your precious furnitures to where his tail can’t reach them.

You just can’t leave them behind

Golden retrievers have instincts where they know when you are getting ready to leave. So when you look at them, you can see those big guilt-stricken doggy eyes as if it’s asking you not to leave. Eventually, you can’t resist him, then you start to feel sorry and then you cuddle and forget about the time and that’s where he got you stuck on him for the rest of day or night!

A walk to remember

No, we are not talking about the movie, we’re talking about how golden retrievers love to walk and how they can remember this delightful and most awaited activity of the day. A walk for them is like their “bestest” activity of all time. You can see his excitement when he wags his tail beyond the speeding limit that his whole body starts to jiggle as well. Be careful though as he will cut and run out of the house once you open the door. You have to remember also that golden retrievers will take a pee every 5-feet and will make friends with all of the other dogs you can bump into.

They are excited to see you come home

Golden retrievers doesn’t like being without you. You are their world! Nothing in this world matters to them but you. They are incomplete without you. So, the moment you walk in from the door, their happiness is incomparable. Expect lots and lots of kisses!

They are part of the family

Because of their loving nature, golden retrievers are so much more than a domestic animal. You can inevitably feel a loving connection with them that you can naturally treat them like they are part of your family. They can be your child, best friend, a sibling, and a protector at the same time. You will develop a connection that you don’t even want to hurt them, not a bit. You will love them and they will love you back a thousand folds. They are just the best!

Golden retrievers are wonderful dogs and they are one of the most gratifying involvements you will ever have. You may even find yourself getting another golden and not settle for just one. As soon as you have a golden, you are typically hooked with them for your entire life.

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