Golden Retriever who buys his own ice cream!

Zack the golden retriever’s daily treat is coming! But no, it’s not an ordinary doggy treat where dogs usually get. Zack’s daily treat is something special – his is a vanilla flavored ice cream!

His ice cream was not just being handed to him by his owner Jon Hubble. He gets to buy his ice cream on his own from John the ice cream truck driver in England.

When the ice cream truck is around the neighborhood, Jon (Zack’s owner) gives him his container and instructs him to buy his ice cream from the ice cream man. You can tell on the video that John (the ice cream man) is already accustomed to serve Zack since he doesn’t look for the owner anymore, instead, he immediately fills his container with ice cream and hands it back to the adorable golden retriever.

Golden Retriever who buys his own ice cream

On 0:44, Zack is so excited for his ice cream that this body started to wiggle and he even made a soft howl of excitement. Zack was 8 months old when this video was taken 10 months ago.

Zack the Golden Retriever who buys his own ice cream

John – Mr. Whippy freshly made soft ice cream truck driver

Image and Video source: Jon Hubble/YouTube

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